The 'tel protocol' allows you to click a phone number listed on a webpage and have Windows automatically dial via the myCloudPBX Softphone.

The 'tel protocol' works in a similar way to an email link, only instead of opening Outlook, your computer will associate the link with the myCloudPBX Softphone instead.

Click-to-Dial on Windows using the Tel Protocol.

Prerequisites. Ensure that the myCloudPBX Softphone is installed on your PC. Click here for more information on installing the Softphone on Windows.

Step 1. Open the Windows Control Panel.

To do this, click on the start menu, type in 'default programs' and click the link.

Step 2. Click 'Choose default apps by protocol'.

Step 3. Scroll down to 'TEL' and click 'Choose a Default'

Step 4. From the list, choose 'myCloudPBX Softphone'.

Last Updated:: 6/24/2020, 6:36:43 AM